So I've just experience both sides of the falls and as with what most people say, the Argentinian side is a lot better. Whats better is the experience of the waterfalls. The understanding of how much water passes through these falls. I'll start with yesterday. I arrived in the morning and checked into the hostel. Bus 120 took me from the hostel, which was a block from the local bus terminal, all the way to the falls and back on the brazillian side. Once inside, a bus will take you to different spots which have different activities and sites to see. The brazillian side is quite picturesque. I did quite enjoy this side as it was the simpler version, and also, less dangerous. This side can be done in a few hours, without the activities. The Argentinian side involves 3 buses. One to get you to the brazillian border - heading to Portuo Iguazu, one from the brazillian border to the bus terminal (via the argentinian border patrol) and then another to the falls. As a tourist, you must get off at the brazillian border, get your passport stamped, then get off again at the argentinian side and get it stamped again. One the way back it is the same case (except my bus didn't stop at the brazillian side... I'll be looking to head to the federal police in Florianopolis tomorrow to get that sorted..). Once there, there is a bit more walking it seems to get to the different points. A short walk to the trains - but it is faster to walk along a track to get you to the first point. Then there are a few walking trails - each with different vantage points. The man made floor structures are metal and when wet is extremely slippery. The jet boat ride is an experience.. to get wet. Note for anyone planning on doing this, bring thongs with you, or at least put your shoes and socks in the waterproof bag they provide... you get a complete drenching. The other spots are spectacular to see the numerous waterfalls. There food on this side seems a bit lacking compared to the brazillian end point which was a buffet. This was a mere take out place and the main meals are back at the beginning. This trek took about 4 hours or so at a quick pace. It is the transport which is a killer, but its nice just to see both sides of Iguacu. Written by Milton Lai

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