Wedding #21 | Under the weather

Wedding on sunday was a lovely wedding, although, being – or should i say, becoming – sick didnt help anything. It was considerably long, with tea ceremonies at the brides and then the grooms. Some formals were taken at one of the bridesmaids place as well as at Lake Parramatta […]

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Wedding #20 | The warm-up

So APEC has been on for the past few days, well its more like its affected sydney-siders for the past few days. Of course, that didnt affect today though, since we were out at Kellyville. Started with getting ready shots at the bride and grooms place – both of whom […]

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Long Catch-up

OK… SO.. a whole month as gone by… without a single word from me. As lame as this excuse might be, I just haven’t had to time, and I have been trying to find the time. So the last time I blogged, was before Nick’s 21st dinner with the family. […]

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