So good fun wedding on the weekend. Top couple, fast paced at times. Started in the afternoon at the brides, then the grooms, then to the church – St Bedes, then to Bulli Tops, and finally reception at Appin House. Top night and here are some pics:

They made CookieMen for all the guys and soap for the girls – (girls with too much time on their hands):

Playing with the macro:

Mum and bridesmaid grabbing a shot of the bride as she comes out:

Bride and grandpa – couple of her jewellery items were from grandma:

Was able to get this sharp shot in (never use flash):

Shot during speeches (it seems like once married OR given the role as BestMan, men turn into comedians):

The bridal waltz:

The garter:

Top night, LONG night, it was an hour away, but had a good sleep in the car. More pics at .

So ended up on sunday going to uni to study for networking. I’ve got online final and written exam tomorrow after work. I’m confident, but maybe I shouldn’t be. Hopefully a fortnight update will find its way here soon.

Written by Milton Lai

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