Can only honestly say, todays wedding has just been amazing and relaxed, just how weddings should be. So these two tell me they read my blog, and good on them! They know more about me than I know about them! Mountain bikers and Cat Empire fans, thats all i know! So today, started with the bride at her place, with the prep. Then it moved onto the ceremony at Lane Cove National Park. Few quick formals were taken after the ceremony and the rest were done at the reception, Eden Gardens. Never realised that Eden Gardens did receptions – BBQ style, which was a great tasting dinner.

So since you guys will wake up and check these out, I’d better put them up now:

The lovely dress – only to realise later that its not her bouquet there…:

Nice details:

So the house was a bit tight on space… and who better to do the ironing than the mother.

That just leaves the father of the bride to his own thing.

The bridesmaids:

The couple:

And again, their love for the great outdoors lead them to have the ceremony with the elements.

Highlight of the evening was a performance from a Fijian group. It had so much energy to it, you had your eyes peeled.

So a great night, great day. Just a wonderful wedding and very glad to have been a part of it.

So with this week, project, project, project. Its first release to the end-users was Friday. And yes, it was complete. Of course, its now stage 1 of testing from the users, and that was release 1. There will be many more releases to come. I’ve got quite a few busy weeks ahead, since this whole application, will go live to the users in late October, and the final application will be released in May sometime next year. So busy times ahead.

Received my second assignment for VB.NET as well. It consists of an ASP implementation of the system we had already built. This time, its in groups, and I’ll most probably be starting to do it .. today.

Something to look forward to is the Cat Empire concert, on the 16th of October. So cant wait for that, and I guess a couple weeks after that, before all the really hot weather sets in, might go on a couple mountain biking trips. We shall see how everything pans out.

Written by Milton Lai

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