Hey guys, yes October was the last entry, and I have had a few weddings since then and a few more things regarding work, which I possibly should’ve written about. So today… started off at the brides house… a house I remember very well, since after I turned up I realised the bride was my friend’s sister – from high school. So after a tea ceremony at the brides, it was then moved onto the grooms place for another tea ceremony and some lunch. Bride then got changed and we all headed off to Sydney Uni for the ceremony and reception – Holme Building. Lovely place for both the ceremony and reception – never knew Sydney Uni had a reception hall. Weather was on and off the whole day, but we managed to get quite a few good photos out of the day. Here are a few, or few more than usual:

Loving the colours in this:

Heading off to the grooms house for the tea ceremony bearing gifts:

The fathers having a good laugh:

The ladies:

The not so attractive ladies:

Yes, their names are Chan and Son…:

Main quad at Sydney Uni:

High school mate Amy and her other half:

Like I could resist a cheesy photo:

So that was the whole day, great day, guess things were better than usual, just for the fact that I knew someone there.

Now today didnt go without a problem. Just note below. Vince bumped into these guys in the reception hall to be told they were hired to be there, then told they were guests. Do these two look like guests? In short, created a headache for Vince and I hope all ends well.

So guess a quick catch up. Yes, hopefully…. I will be doing my catch up entries over the next week or so, since I am not allowed to be at work since they are closed. I’ve got a few things to catch up on, but it’ll be more of a holiday. Work has been hectic, with release after release of my program coming out. Been spending a bit too much time on the damn thing but its no where near completion still. Contract at my current place had ended this month, but its been rewritten and its at least another 12 months of me hanging around – hoping for at least another 2, just to get through uni first. Christmas time has been approaching / in it already and with all work places comes christmas parties and we arent short of them. Seems like we’ve been eating continuously all month. I’ve increased some involvement in the RealBASIC community with an appearance in a rather horrible podcast – dont look for it.

Last thing, I’ve been planning my 21st and my best mate is heading overseas before that day and so its been planned and booked, I’ll be heading up to the Gold Coast for 5 days with the guys for a “relaxing” holiday in January… Can’t wait really…. =P

Hope to be back soon!

Written by Milton Lai

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