My first meet with the MacBook Air today and it is such a sexy piece of hardware. The laptop feels really solid when closed, but feels as though its about to snap when you hold it open on the corner, but i’m sure its very solid. Its just unbelievable how thin it actually is!
So there is no CD drive and no supplied ethernet, but the trackpad is just amazing at what it does.

The MBA is not something that I would buy, its not faster than any other devices, theres not enough connectivity options and it doesnt come with a CD drive. I also dont even use my built in keyboard and trackpad on my MBP, so in this case, the new MBP’s arent appealing either.

The screen looks great, the combination of the resolution with the OSX operating system, makes it useable. With the same resolution on a windows machine, I would hate it.

Just a thought for the trackpad – they should possibly include a stylus type device to write onto the trackpad since it is already so big, it would just enable users to write, just like tablets and pdas (without writing on the screen).

It is very much a toy, a very sexy toy.

Written by Milton Lai

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