The week has been quite long and work is just going a bit insane. The next version of my app is due out this week, and theres a few things I still need to sort out yet. Uni has been a bit of a bore, with an assignment due this week, then mid semester break before another 2 are due. Highlights of the week would have been a work colleagues birthday on friday – I’m not the youngest in the building anymore, Maroon 5 concert and yesterdays wedding.

Tasty little cupcakes from…

Here is the new gallery feature of wordpress 2.5 – I hope this works!

It looks nifty, but I think there still needs to be some fixes that need to be addressed – like having the full size image in the second window that opens up since I’ve already resized the images myself!

Keeping with what I normally do:

I wasn’t allowed to take photography gear into Acer Arena, but there were several hundred cameras in the place. They were pics I mustered up with my Ixus 75. I thought this was also pretty cool – since I haven’t seen it before – the sea of mobile phones:

A couple pics from yesterdays wedding – Athol Hall was the location for the reception – Athol Beach was where these pics were taken – just a wonderful day and lovely weather.

Daylight savings is hurting me so badly right now. I’m sure its really not daylight savings’ fault, but I’ve got a terrible headache right now – currently I’m at working, supposed to be doing the uni assignment which is due tuesday – and I’ve just been slightly distracted, but I should get back to it. After this week, I hope things become a lot less hectic.

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