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8:29pm 27/07/08 +10

I think I got here WAY too early. It’s 20:30 and my flight is at 21:55. I’ve been wandering around for a little while now. I’m writing this on my EeePC, only because I found myself a powerpoint.

So I’ve had a BBQ today at my sisters, which was quite enjoyable with all the cousins. The food was great as usual. It was followed by some discussion over the contents of my bag. Basically, I kept thinking I packed too much. So I pretty much emptied my bag out and I was told that I wouldn’t be able to attach my 2 sleeping mats to the side of my pack, so I “had” to put one of the mats INSIDE the backpack. It’s unbelievable really since my pack was full, and I could see no way of squeezing that thing in. Someone we managed it, and I’m just in a bit of shock to think its actually all in there.

So after that, I was a little bit more comfortable with my luggage. We headed off to the airport via work, since I had to drop off my laptop so that the boys at work could get my mac sorted out. The iSight is not detected and also my battery is lasting abuot 30 minutes. The status of the battery is set to “Check Battery”.

And now I’m here. Sitting at the gate opposite of my actual gate, waiting for the time to tick pass. Good thing there are television screens everywhere. I might end up grabbing a coffee soon.Quite a few people are starting to pile in now. For my first trip, I guess it still hasn’t hit yet until I land in Tokyo. I mean, I have been on planes before, so whats happening now, isn’t too much of a shock, but I’m sure it will hit me soon. I guess my main concern is that I have forgotten things, but theres a first time for everything.

In 10 hours or so, I’ll be in Tokyo and then a 4 hour wait until the next flight to Helsinki. Then a wait of just over an hour for my connecting flight to Copenhagen, and then I hope Nick will be on the otherside to actually pick me up.

I’ll most probably write again, before I arrive. I do hope to be writing as much as I can, so both to remember it all, and also to make sure theres a story alongside all my pictures.

Written by Milton Lai

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