Just had a reencounter with a laptop from about a year ago with the same problem. It’s a Sony VIAO VGN-C25G/B. The problem is that the computer will not wake from hibernation. It gets past the bios, but no further. One thing to note is that this laptop has always gone without a battery, so I’m not sure if that is a crucial factor in this or not. It is running Vista Home Premium.

The solution, or workaround – depending upon how you want to look at it, is to take out both sets of memory and only insert one stick. Basically to change the amount of memory in the system. Swapping the memory will not make any difference. You will need to force the bios to realise there is a change in the amount of memory which then causes the following error message to appear:

Your computer can’t come out of hibernation

Status: 0xc0000411

Info: A fatal error occured processing the restoration data.

File: \hiberfil.sys

After this message, you are prompted to hit the enter key to continue. Vista will startup just fine. Properly shutdown the machine and then reinsert all the memory and everything should be fine again. The owner of the laptop will be taking it to Sony this afternoon regardless to hopefully find out that there is a patch of some sort to remove this issue.

Written by Milton Lai

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