• Colonia - El Vaijero - Bed bugs, crappy rooms, no hot water at the time.
  • Montevideo - Boulevard Sarandi Hostel - Was quiet when we were there, alright rooms, in the old town, showers were ok.
  • Punta Del Este - El Vaijero - Had gone to another hostel first, which was unrated and turned out that the rooms wouldve been in a shed out the back. Good rooms, Good shower, nice list of activities (brand name hostels tend to have things to do all the time).
  • La Paloma - Hostel Ibirapita - Very tiny showers, bugs, got bitten.
  • Punta Del Diablo - El Tranquilo Diablo Players Suites - Looked good but didn't stay. A 10 minute walk from the bus station.
Places to go and do:
  • Colonia - Lovely town with its history and buildings.
  • Montevideo - Lovely city, with lots to do. Nice beaches. Lots of shops and markets along the main street. - Should head to Punta Ballena - Casa Pueblo
  • Punta Del Este - The Gold Coast of Uruguay. Built up apartments along the coast, great beaches all around. Nice friendly town. La Barra is a must go to beach as you'll get the feeling of a nice homely local beach with great beginner waves. I'd consider this the nicer Byron Bay.
  • La Paloma - Nothing here apart from a Surfing town. For the last 3 places I visited in Uruguay, their high season is from mid-december to mid-january. At other times, it is quiet, especially La Paloma.
  • Punta Del Diablo - Nothing much here as well, even though its been said to be the more picturesque version of Punta Del Este, it had a charm to it, but again, I do think its a surfers spot and do go in its peak season.
General Notes: Cover up when going to bed or spray with insect repellent before going to bed. Also make sure your sheets are completely tucked in before sleeping. I was given some Vitamin B supplements. These are supposed to make you less tasty to the insects. I've currently got 23 bites (not sure if they are all mozzies or not) on my left hand alone. It had completely swollen up yesterday to the point of not being able to close my first properly. My arms, neck, legs have all been attacked. Written by Milton Lai

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