I had the chance to head out mountain biking this weekend in Canberra. Originally, it was going to be at Stromlo Forest Park which is known for its mountain biking tracks, but last minute, we realised that there was a 24-hour competition on. Instead we found the Canberra Centenary Trail. There was a particular section along the Murrumbidgee River that was recommended on Flow. We set out from Point Hut Pond and north to Kambah Pool Reserve before heading back. The single track was pretty good most of the way. The most annoying thing behind the cow fences to stop them from entering other sections of the park. Oh, and cows and kangaroos. psFloriade09 psFloriade08 psFloriade10 Say hello to a rough video of part of the trail (there is the necessary accompaniment of high energy music). It was with my Panasonic DMC-FT1 strapped to my bike frame with a Gorilla Pod. It doesn't have a wide angle lens so it doesn't look nearly as fast or exciting. Maybe I'll invest in a GoPro at some point...
I also made my way to Floriade this year, having not been in a long while. psFloriade01
psFloriade03 psFloriade04 psFloriade05 And some photos from a winery and... a popup bar... IMG_20140926_235054 IMG_20140928_134035
I hope your day was as interesting as this blog post... =)

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