The flight over from Honolulu to San Francisco was quite painless. In fact, they were boarding 15 minutes earlier and arrived early into SFO. You would think this is a good thing – I even started to think that maybe I’d have time to get to the Verdi Club for at least an hour. I had booked a shuttle with SuperShuttle. Them arriving late wasn’t such an issue until you realise that the guy barely speaks english and is just generally slow. On the drive into downtown, it was pretty amazing to see so many billboards with IT companies all over them. It then dawns on me the issue we were about to have. I was thinking that the company had an intuitive application that, given 7 destinations, it would be able to route the drive to the most efficient route. Instead, I was at 2 stages, about 4 blocks from where I needed to be. Given that Google Maps already has the routing algorithm sorted, its just a matter of using their API to do the calculations.

So getting in at midnight was great if I didn’t need to sleep to get up at 7 am Pacific time for Graph Connect. It roughly translates to sleeping at 6 pm Sydney time and waking up at 1 am Sydney time… and to add to that, being in a hostel where there was a pub crawl on and the other guy in the room snores, makes it for a wonderful sleepless night.


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