Saturday’s event is Lindy On Sproul in Berkeley. It wasn’t hard to find and it was nice to head out of town for part of the day. I wasn’t able to make it up the hill, but I was told to head up to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where there is a lovely view all the way back to San Francisco, but also a whale you can sit on. It was about an hours walk up there, so I think its a must do next time I’m in town and, if possibly, have a car.


Lovely bunch of instructors and yes a bit of a strange set up in the middle of the walking parade, but nonetheless, a bunch of fun. Berkeley campus is pretty beautiful actually and so is Berkeley itself. Found me some squirrels on the way through as well.





I NEARLY forgot about CREAM (cookies rule everything around me)! Basically you pick two cookie types and then the ice cream you want inbetween it! Delicious delicious snack!


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