#sofarsyd – Another Sofar sounds. This time it was at St Peters at a warehouse sponsored by Trolly’d. This month, it featured, Molly Contogeorge:


Gena Rose Bruce:


Lacey Cole & The Lazy Colts:


and The Sweet Jelly Rolls:

Favourite of the night was definitely The Sweet Jelly Rolls – they were just more my kind of music and of course, play at my usual venues! I’ll definitely have to check them out again and actually dance to them. Pretty fun night overall and the music talent was pretty amazing.

Canberrang – I can’t believe that it’s been another year since the first Canberrang. It seems like I’ve come so far in terms of dancing as well as the excitement of it all. I’ve clearly calmed down from last year’s ‘must dance at everything’ attitude. This year was more paced and made sure that I attended the all-important Winery. I must say, it was definitely up there on the must do swing dancing events of Canberra and Sydney (since the drive isn’t actually that far away).


The weekend started off with a Mystery night event at the National Museum of Australia. Lunch at Schnitzel Haus (average), quiet time at the National Library, Canberrang Ball, breakfast at Lonsdale Street Roasters (pretty good), lunch at Me and Mrs Jones (pretty good if you can handle the wait) and finally the Lake George Winery for the final dance. Definitely a packed weekend that I needed to have a day off to recover from!

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