I spent the weekend out in Wentworth falls at the falls Mountain Retreat. It was a very lovely loft, super spacious, gas fireplace, spa and a balcony out to the forest. There was a trip out to the Lithgow Glow Worm Tunnel as well. The drive from Wentworth Falls is about 2 hours. Its a good 40 minutes to get to Lithgow and then its a slow, bumpy drive to the tunnel. There are a few signs in Lithgow, but then it turns into forest and logged forests. It is a constant change in scenery. There were even brumbys on the way! The walk to the tunnel from the carpark isn't too far. It says 1 hour each way, but really, its about 30 minutes. Of course, if you stay a while in the tunnel, it'll take an hour. The glow worms were terrific. There was a good section just after the first bend, but we missed it on the way in as our eyes hadn't adjusted yet. On the way back, lots of photos were taken, so my eyes had adjusted properly by that time. Its a terrific day trip, except for the driving, but luckily we were there since Friday afternoon. psBlueMountains01 psBlueMountains02 psBlueMountains03 psBlueMountains04 psBlueMountains05 psBlueMountains06 The aren't dead pixels (although I do have some). psBlueMountains07 psBlueMountains08 You can see the worm and its glow in the centre of the photo. psBlueMountains09 psBlueMountains10 The logs were amazing. psBlueMountains11 psBlueMountains12 psBlueMountains13 psBlueMountains15 psBlueMountains14

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