I spent the weekend at the Entrance for Chromefest as well as walking around sydney for Sydney Open. It was the first time to Chromefest so it was good that there was a good group of people there for the dancing as well as the cars. It was a pretty good day trip and well worth the effort. I didn't stay overnight (even though there were numerous gigs) as it was too expensive / sold out for the accommodation as well as being only 90 minutes back into Sydney. psChrome01 psChrome02 psChrome03 psChrome04 psChrome05 psChrome06 psChrome07 psChrome08 psChrome09 Sydney Open was pretty exciting. It was great to be able to spend a day, walking around your own city with exciting places to see! On the list: Lucy Osburn-Nightingale Meseum, 48 Martin Place, 50 Martin Place, Culwulla Chambers, The Great Synagogue, Legion House, Hong Kong house, Sydney Town Hall, Sydney Masonic Centre, City of Sydney Fire Station, Mortuary Station, Kensington Street Chippendale. 12 / 31 places. I think we did pretty well! I do think it would be worth having them open for extended hours as 6 hours just isn't enough and spreading it over 2 days might decrease the excitement of it all. psChrome10 psChrome11 psChrome12 psChrome13 psChrome14 psChrome15 psChrome16 psChrome17 psChrome18 psChrome20 psChrome21

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