What a huge year it has been! The year started with gigs galore! I think the beginning of this year will be the same. Then there were numerous trips (day trips and longer ones). Lots and lots of dancing. Finally, refocusing on my career and will be starting a new job in a couple weeks! I think it'll be a lot of fun (and hard work) since there'll be iOS and Android dev work as well as the trusty GWT. I've also had an increase in DIY craft points with a making lamp, vase, hand bound leather journal and a massive bookcase (of which, all turned out better than I thought). For now, some photos from some bush walks over the break. psNYE01 psNYE02 psNYE03 psNYE04 psFOM01 psFOM02 psFOM03 psFOM04 psFOM05 psFOM06 psFOM07 psFOM08 psFOM09

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