I finished up at DoE in the middle of January and started the new job 2 days later! Such a change. It's brought on a lot more work (namely development work - YAY!) and a lots more learning. I'm now developing on Android, iOS and the trusty GWT. It is nice to see how a start up works and who does what when they are actually engaged and needing to push out work quickly and efficiently. Funnily enough, I've just finished the SSO components (something that I never escape for some reason). It has been very engaging work, where time flies and I forget about lunch and when it's time to go home. Luckily, I do have dancing commitments so that helps me leave the work place. Speaking of SSO, the other SSO was playing in the Domain the other week as part of the Sydney Festival. psSSO01 psSSO02 There were some Rabbits. ps20160120_200759 There was a Cambodian Rock'n'Roll gig. ps20160126_182320 There was a washed out Tex Perkins Taronga Zoo gig, which has been rescheduled. psTaronga04 psTaronga01 psTaronga02 psTaronga03 ps20160130_200425 There was a short holiday away down at Currarong, featuring Lola. psCurrarong01 psCurrarong02 psCurrarong03 psCurrarong04  

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