New / Old Toy

Bought the D200 off my brother on the weekend and just in time for some high shutter action. I think I was a bit too trigger happy and shot quite a few in burst, and the results are below. Week and weekend was a bit slow. Work is back to […]

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Sculptures by the Sea

Not that I’ve got any photos to show for the trip on saturday – left home at about 5pm, so the light conditions weren’t the best – and my friend was shooting that day – showing him the in’s and out’s of photography. I did take just the one shot: […]

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Parkour Training Classes

Turned up to classes today for the first time in a while to actually participate. This is just all a part of my new plan to get back into shape and focus a bit more on parkour and parkour related photography. A few quick shots of what happened after class. […]

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