• Milton Lai
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Software Developer, Photographer, Swing Dancer =)

2006 I decided blogging would be an awesome thing to do. Little did I know how much time it would’ve taken up. Of course, it was fun to do so, so I never thought of it as a chore.

2011 came around and it became just that, a chore. It was also due to not having as many adventures as I had done, and not feeling the need to voice the challenges I was facing.

2014 arrived a while ago now, and being on the mend of a thing called “life”, I’ve since found my grounding and my voice. So let’s start again!


Random things

  • Born in 1987
  • Spend too much time online looking at “bargains”
  • Redditor
  • I’m out dancing at least 2 nights a week (Swing / Rock n Roll)
  • Played the trumpet since a kid (Flugelhorn / Cornet / Tenor Horn / Trombone / Trumpet)
  • I love cooking (I tend not to experiment)
  • Java / XOJO Developer (and what is XOJO?)
  • Love cycling
  • Completed my first mini triathlon this year
  • At the beach nearly every day (before and after) *except in winter
  • I’m good with computers (but that doesn’t mean I can fix yours)