So I spent most of yesterday sleeping, catching up with sleep, although wasn’t such a great idea since sleeping patterns were ruined. Apart from that, I invested some time in reading up on REALbasic. It’s what I will be / just started using at work. Because my work is a macHouse to say the least, with also PC’s lurking around the place, REALbasic allows programs to be compiled for windowsm, macs, and linux. Getting the hang of it and can’t wait to start building proper applications that at least do something useful and not just talking to itself.

Today started early as usual, had a meeting with the boss at 8:30 talking about the estimated 6 month project I will be placed into, which lead me to investigate more about REALbasic and worry about data-modelling for the rest of the day.

Encountered a small troublesome powerbook today at work. The bluetooth didn’t work and it wasn’t available either. It wasn’t appearing in system settings. So apparently, this has happened before, but troubleshooting techniques say to reset, then reset and clear ram, then if unsuccessful, shutdown, and clear the power management unit. Now this will reset your clock, and who knows what else since I didn’t have time to test it, but it is different for each mac, so to be sure to check out the correct keys to press. Link is on the side ->

So apart from this, I’ve been thinking about what I will be my next purchases… I am hoping in the next week, apple will announce a 12 inch MacbookPro ‘thin’ as they want to call it. Current just a rumour. It’ll hopefully have all the features of the 15-17 inch MacbookPros, but the size of the 12 inch. One can only dream for the moment, but more news will come in a week or so at MacWorld.

One other thing for the moment is of course a monitor. It’s been a long time coming, but decided on what I want, and now just waiting for the funds. I’m looking at the BenQ FP241W. It’s a 24 inch widescreen and has component input as well as HDMI which is fully HDCP compliant. This just means that if and when I do get a HD-DVD player, or Vista related media, it will use all 1080i lines meaning it will use the highest resolution of the monitor.

This is compared to the Dell 2407WFP, which only uses 720i lines. It also has banding issues and the component input is shocking (apparently) as many people have spoken about on Whirlpool forums. Although the price is very tempting, I do intend on hooking up a HD set-top box, doing graphic editing, and watching movies in general, I don’t want to run in the risk of being left with a monitor that has issues. I have no experienced it myself since I don’t know anyone personally who has the Dell, but by going on what people are saying, I would rather just steer clear for the moment. Price wise, the BenQ is approximately 1400 while the Dell fluctuates from 1099 to about .

I’ve only been hearing good things about the BenQ and I’m sure if you did a search on the Dell you would hear the same, but if you looked on forums, it’s a slightly different story. This has lead me to . This is the first time a review I have read, mentions anything about the banding issues the Dell has, so from this point forward, I recomment having a peak at TrustReviews as well as other review sites before making any decisions.

Written by Milton Lai

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