Work was a bit long today it seemed. I was able to catch the earlier bus and got to work at 7:40. Finishing just past 6, making today very long. I was finishing up on a small program my boss started, as a stepping stone for himself and for me. After the outline he gave me of the project there were just a few features that he wanted to try out now to be sure that it was possible to do. So working on what my boss started, REALbasic is really basic if you dont mind me saying, although I have been told that it can get quite complex and has been used, by us, to develop numerous software applications which are used by hundreds of people around the world.

So during lunch there was a poster hung up on the notice board next to my table about capoeira. This just brought back so many memories. I used to attend classes at Strathfield about 4 years ago, under the instruction of Cabeludo. Was great for about a year i think, until he decided to go overseas and never return. First year of uni came, and my mate who went to these classes with me, told me that Sydney Uni had classes and to join. So being from UTS, I worked my timetable around capoeira classes, and was able to fit them in for most of the first year. Last year though, I either had work or had class during that time and so was unable to go to any more classes. So it’s got me thinking about whether to return or not. It’d be great, but with this academy, it starts at 7pm on thursdays in Kings Cross. Now that only means that I would need to finish work around that time, since I’m only in Darlinghurst, which is WAY too late. The other option is to attend the academy which I was previously at in Marrickville.

This has also got me thinking about Latin dancing. Although I havn’t been before, I do think it’d be some great to learn. I’ve never danced with another person before, and if I have, I’m sure I was all over the place. So something I wish to do, also since I walk past class everytime I walk back to my car. Makes me wish I could dance.

P.S. The song from the title is actually a capoeira song

Written by Milton Lai

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