Headed out to the city today with Kenny, to a farewell BBQ for a member of the sydney parkour scene who will be serving their time in the army. It was also partly a training session for the few that came. Had a long walk to Pyrmont Park where the BBQ was and bumped into Ish and Oz (who i just met, came down from QLD for a small trip). Of course I'm not as active as I used to be in parkour and had my trusty camera with me (which wasn't so trusty today, having taken a photo which said no image data in file and the moving the consequent photos into another folder on the card... strange). So I got snapping. Headed towards to play equipment to have some more fun, and started the cooking of the food and some NFL action. Overall, a good day of fitness. I wound down by heading over to my cousins place who wanted to install his CD stacker for the car, and needed my help/garage and so headed back to mine to get the job done. Nearly two hours later, its all done and works a treat. Since then, I've been uploading the photos from today, and shrinking the next few photos of todays events. Enjoy! Kenny doing an arm jump at "white walls": Kenny doing an arm jump at Kenny doing a precision at Pyrmont Park: Kenny doing a precision at Pyrmont Park Oz doing a cat jump at Pyrmont Park: Oz doing a cat jump at Pyrmont Park For larger pics and the rest of the collection, head to my gallery (link on side).

Written by Milton Lai

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