Yes, I have purchased my second official game - C&C Generals. It was only 15 dollars - bargain. I do realise that this game is 4 years old and that explains the 15 dollars, but its a great simple game. I'm not into RPG's or games which require a lot of time and dedication. So yes, over the past 2 days, I have been playing games. I dont normally play games, but guess this is what you do when you are bored. Today at work as ok, seems like it gets quite busy, busy enough to keep you running around and not focusing on projects. Then again, the rest of the company comes first. The most memorable thing today was a Dell Inspiron which wouldnt boot into windows. The HD made clicking noises, but it would log into safe mode. So this computer had been formatted twice since it continually crashed. Its only 6 months old. So after running chkdsk, it says that there are 2MB of bad sectors, which is HEAPS. Of course Dell want their own confirmation so after being 15 minutes in queue, I was able to speak to someone, who told me to press f12 at the dell logo screen, run HD diagnostic, and yes the HD said Fail - error code: 7. Don't quite know what the 7 stands for, but the lady didn't hesitate to send me a new HD. We should be getting it tomorrow. I have never had any warranty experience, but the computers we buy always have 3 year warranties for both Dells and Macs. It seems like the system works, which is great. So I guess from now on, it's not so bad to pay a little more for warranty, in the event of catastrophe.

Written by Milton Lai

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