So past couple days have been a bit rough. Well more busy, since on monday two people were away and so, because it was my first turn for IT help. It's even better when everyone comes in at around 9-9:30 and you get calls at 8:20. So yesterday had a little chat with the boss about exactly what he wanted from what I was doing. Got the objectives sorted and have been working on it since. If the boss comes in tomorrow, "we" have a meeting about what has been going on with this project since the people who are interested in it want to see and discuss plans. At the present time, my boss should be looking at my code and my results. I'm sure all criticism will be constructive. We shall see tomorrow. Guess one note to make from the past couple days is that whenever using Dreamweaver, when you hit enter, or decide to go to a new line, Dreamweaver will place that text in paragraph tags. The problem for some people is the final output, with huge linespacing - especially in tables. So whenever you can, try to use breaks instead of paragraph tags - unless of course they are paragraphs and you want the larger gaps. Remember the LG - LW50 i was talking about with the longest battery life, well, last week it came in, and asked to hit f1 to continue - being a harddrive problem with bad sectors. So we had the lovely priviledge of backing up the ladies data. Windows couldn't boot, so used a UBCD to boot up, and another note, if copying files that have errors use command prompt. "xcopy "tartget folder" "destination folder" /e/s/c/h" should do the trick. Copies all files, including hidden, and if it encounters errors, it will continue. So instead of explorer saying "corrupt data, cannot continue" it will copy what it can and continue. At least you dont need to try copying the remainder of the folder after the corrupted file. So using this command allowed us to back up everything. It would however stop copying once every 5 minutes or so, and by chance, someone from downstairs had a computer problem, came up, tried to plug in his laptop, and accidently pulled the powerpack from under the dying laptop, and gave it a kick start. So it seemed that the hard drive was in fact dying and tapping it would make it work again. The tapping was more like hitting. Everytime we hit it, it would make the most horrible sound. Like two ceramic disks scraping against each other. With some determination, it copied, but we are yet to find out how much of her data is corrupted. Watched the Pursuit of Happyness after work today. Was a great movie, although the movie could have been more dramatic. When I say dramatic I mean emotional. There were bits in the movie where you could tell they tried to make it sad. It worked, but there could've been more done to the movie to make it a more emotional watch - a better watch. Nonetheless, it was a great movie. You may need to see it to understand what I'm saying, but this ain't a review but rather my opinion - not much of a movie buff.

Written by Milton Lai

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