Yesterdays wedding was fantastic. Great to get out again. Started at 12 and finished just after 10. Here are a few photos from yesterday: on the edge of the world from where I was, and with the lens I was using, it was a bit hard to get what I was after but I do prefer this: edge of the world crop Simple, and looks great. Next is a simple capture from martin place. You've got to love the buildings in sydney. martin place This shot just shows the "wideness" of the fisheye. My 12mm Tokina can fit a whole table as well, with the warp factor a lot less, but if you can tell, i was right next to the woman in the bottom right. tableshot There are of course more pics (by me as well) at . So finishing this wedding, I headed to a mates place where I spent most the night in his pool. Quite refreshing and relaxing. I havn't had time to do that in years - to just sit around and chat with mates. Was a good night of conversation. Ended the night with my driving Penny's car home (its an automatic, love driving auto's since I drive a manual) - driving everyone else home on the way back to mine. The head unit still has problems, problems which I havn't been able to figure out, but I do think its to do with cogs being loose. Who knows until I open it up. Slept in today and work up to a day of Generals. Going a bit blind staring at the monitor for too long. Got the chance to watch the latest episode of the O.C. and the prison break recap episode "The Road to Freedom". Great watch.

Written by Milton Lai

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