On saturday, I had my / friends birthday dinner. We share the same birthday. Falling on tuesday, the weekend was the way to go. We headed to Tamanas on Top in Newtown. Indian Food. Not a great fan, unless it’s lunch time. Surprisingly it was quite nice. We ordered the Tamana’s Banquet. Very nice entre. The mains… I think I will stick to butter chicken. The rest of the flavours weren’t up to my taste. That part was not so great, but still filling. Good servings of sides. Not a place I would go back to anytime soon. Following that, we headed to Karaoke in Strathfield. Not much of a singer, and was quite tired. I managed to wake up at 8 on saturday after sleeping at 3 – watching Heroes. Definately not enough sleep.

During the day, I headed to Autobahn to get an antennae adapter for my new head unit since it seemed to be a european plug instead of the normal plugs. I also ordered a strut bar which should come in some time this week, or early next week. Just can’t wait! I then headed to my cousins place, where we went out to tune my car audio system. It now sounds a whole lot better. It works together a lot better than the JVC. To me, it’s starting to sound like my counsins system, who has spent more than I have. I did get myself a softboard from my friends which, is about 150cm, so I’ll see how that works for me, since I am about 174.

Today, woke up with a call from my brother wanting me to go over to give him a hand lifting his television so he could prop it up a bit. Quickly came home to some much wanted sleep. Woke up and finished watching Heroes to the latest episode and picked up my mate and headed to a mate who, back in the day, we all used to be a close nit trio, but groups change. We hung about his place, followed with some Hungry Jack’s and some gaming. Starcraft – Broodwar was the game to play 10 years ago? Well it was in 2000 – not sure when it actually came out though. Good memories.

Written by Milton Lai

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