Yesterday had me moving forward in my project. Completing another section and completing another one today. As far as I can see, all the importing/exporting should be finished tomorrow - as in my stored procedures are complete. I still have to run through a few records which have errors with the head of the project to know what to do with them. I had spent all last night trying to get Generals to work, to no avail. I beleive its to do with my router and my connection. Sometimes it connects, but drops out. Other times it just wont connect and today, it would not connect at all. I've been playing with my ports and still haven't been able to connect. Maybe an re-install might solve my problem. I had my sister come visit me to buy me lunch (I turned 20 today). We went to Bill's which is owned I beleive by Bill Granger, a chef who've I've seen many books from. I had the corn fritters which was very nice. It's not like me to not have meat during a meal, but this was an exception. The only strange thing that has happened over the past couple days, would be when installing Adobe Creative Suite 2, it asks you to restart your computer and the installation will continue afterwards... it blue screens... This has happened two out of two times so far. I'll be keeping an eye out for it.

Written by Milton Lai

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