Friday was a quieter day at work. I spoke to one of the people who is working on my project and we will be having a meeting on monday to discuss the data. I did have one slight hiccup as someone bought themselves a MacBook Pro, and needed their things migrated from her old Macbook to the new one. This has been done many times before. But after doing the transfer, it seemed that only the applications were imported and not her personal files and settings. The slow migration started, by booting the old macbook as a firewire HD, and copying over her personal files. All her documents were transfered but i noticed that her favourites we not there. I asked a colleage and he said to copy of the libraries. Not the macHD libraries but her personal ones. So I started, and soon received an error about the file being used. The transfer stopped and another colleage mentioned that I really shouldn't transfer the libraries over since that will copy over anything 'wrong' with the old system into the new. I thought it was ok, and tested her entourage, to see if it was working. I was, but now it would give me a popup saying to reopen. Big problem since I told the lady to come up in 20 minutes to pick it up, and 20 minutes had passed. To cut things short, I created another user, set their library folder permissions to allow the current user to copy them, I backed up the old one, and copied the new profiles' library folder over. Entourage worked which was great, but a few things still needed to be copied over. This time, i didn't select all and paste, but copied exactly what i needed. Nervous times. Went home earlier on friday, and went to a friends brothers 18th. Quiet night, with a bit of gaming to be had. Yesterday, another wedding. Started in North Sydney, at the brides place which as a very nice terrance house. I can only dream to live in a place like that one day. Then headed to Gap Bluff Centre in Watsons Bay. That was were the ceremony was and where the reception was. Great place, great food, and a great view. The house was laid with many artworks and bits and pieces from around the world. This one I particularly liked. Who doesn't have a camel in their house? As the car arrived into the park, I noticed the wonderful line of trees. Loving the sun, the location and the view. Great spot for the ceremony. We headed to Watsons Bay to capture a few formal shots on the beach and surrounding places. This was followed by great food - European Catering I believe it was, and a night of dancing. I even had the time, and took the opportunity to capture a lovely sunset shot with the city skyline. That ended a great day. Of course more pics at . Planned for today is some research on e-commerce (helping her building a shopping site). I am more worried about the legal issues in doing it. Also some gaming won't go astray.

Written by Milton Lai

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