Well to me its a spending spree. I don't normally spend so much money in such a short time, but I think I need it. So yesterday I finished my project, emailing my boss for any error reports he requires. These reports contain fields that have problems which either I can ignore or have to fix. I've created all the stored procedures and am quite pleased with what I have done. So I got a call from Autobahn saying my strut bar came in. Called a friend to pick it up, and I got it last night. Installed it. It took about 10-15 minutes. I started panicking when it didn't seem to fit. With no instructions, but of course it was adjustable and sorted it out. Now my car handles HEAPS better, no more skidding when turning at a fast speed (fast speed is more just faster than usual when your body will move to the outside of the turn). So now the car grips to the road, and there is no more leaning. It feels like a different car, it feels a lot smoother. I love it. So calling my cousin to tell him about my new strut bar, he tells me he is checking out eBay for me. He found an Alpine KCA-410C Versatile-Link for me which I of course bidded for and got for a good price. This will be connected to my head unit, and later will connect up to 1 or even 2 cd changers, AND will have 2 auxillary inputs. My current head unit doesnt have an aux inputs unlike my JVC, which i used with my laptop and ipod. So now, i can at least hook up my laptop. And today, after my cousin pointed it out, I bidded for a cd stacker. Not an mp3 stacker like the one I had before, but it's better than nothing. I already can't stand not having a cd stacker. So this will plug straight into the alpine link, and later on maybe get an mp3 stacker, or the ipod adapter, which will have proper ipod integration. Mmm.. so much to buy, so little money.

Written by Milton Lai

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