OK… SO.. a whole month as gone by… without a single word from me. As lame as this excuse might be, I just haven’t had to time, and I have been trying to find the time. So the last time I blogged, was before Nick’s 21st dinner with the family. It was a top dinner – peking duck pancakes… mmmm… The week following lead to his 21st party, which was an unforgettable event. Having been to one his of sisters 21st, it followed suit, and being able to catch up with everyone was really good.

On the 11th I had a wedding, which I’ll finally put up. On the same day, I had Tony’s 21st, which, as every year for the past.. 6 years… has been as his place with his mums great food. Having finished the wedding, I was also the photographer for his party.

On the 26th, I went mountain biking with nick. It was kind of a wet one, so headed to the Manly Dam track, since it was a lot closer. It did have signs throughout the track saying it was closed, but it had dried up slightly, and the puddles added a degree of fun. Its a quick ride – only taking an hour. I also did manage to stack it again… this time, it was me heading down the same bit of track (we did a small loop), and, having locked my shocks off previously, forgot to unlock them, hit the second rock down, no absorption, and flew sideways, over the handlebars. Only a small graze on the leg this time.

Finally – few pictures of my baby:

Last weekend, had a friends birthday dinner, before Justin’s and Mary’s 21st party. Again, great to meet everyone again. Prior to that night, I had a shift at telstra stadium for the.. souths v roosters. Didnt get to watch any of it, instead was handing out the Rabbitohs News. Fun 3 hours… On the sunday, headed out the Parramatta stadium to watch the Bronco’s get thrashed 68-22 by the Eels…

So with work… my current project, 1st stage for release is end of september.. which is drawing closer. I hit a milestone just this week and I am confident in being able to deliver the project on time. There is still so much testing needed to be done. In short, RealBasic doesn’t handle undo stacks that well… if at all. I have a whole structure of objects which is displayed on a ‘bench’. Every drag and drop is recorded and is popped off my stack. Seems simple enough, and the idea of it is simple, but implementing it frightened me a bit. But it did end up not being so bad. My nested arrays of objects are driving me mad? but just as long as I understand whats going on… its all fine… well thats what the other guys are saying… So it has been busy.

Uni, well the project which is due on the 26th of this month, isnt so bad. Its building a car auction system in VB.NET. So talking to a database and having to implement business rules. My only challenge is the different/similar syntax it has with realbasic, and only wishing that I could use the framework I currently work with at work. The application itself would be very similar to which I currently do at work, but with a lot less functionality. I’ve been spending my weekends, well what I have of them, at work doing my assignment as well as project work. So it has been quite busy, and not too much spare time. The pressure is building with work and uni, and I am starting to stress… a lot, but i get through the day, putting in more hours just to make sure i get to a satisfactory point, where I can say I’ve done enough.

Tech wise… cant say i’ve bought too many things.. or upgraded that much… or have I…. I’ve now got 4gb of ram in my MBP. Its running like a charm. Got myself the Nokia 6120 Classic through 3. Its a great phone, simple to use, simple interface, not too flashy, and has the latest Symbian OS on it. Also got myself a Holux GPSlim 240 bluetooth GPS receiver from eBay – which is currently working with TomTom on my mobile. Its really handy when you get stuck somewhere and need directions. Alternatively, you could go for the Nokia 6110 Navigator, but it is way too expensive. I just wanted a phone, which, when I do end up signing up to X-Series, I’ll be able to hook it up to my lappy and surf the web.

My aim… and whether or not I can do this is another story. I would feel as though I’m bludging if I do this, but I would like to be able to blog a lot more often, so hopefully, I boring read everyday, but an update nonetheless, on tech news and whats happened during the day. I also need this for uni, since I will have to write a report in the coming months about what I have been doing at work, and what I have learnt, challenges and all those sorts of things. So I’ll hopefully attempt to do this at the end of every working day.. or close to.

Written by Milton Lai

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