Thursday night was spent at the the 9:20 Special in the Russian Centre at 2460 Sutter Street. I turned up at 7:20 (they seem to operate at this 20 past thing), and had to have another “audition” to participate in class as they were at the end of their month long series of classes. After class was some what of a large social with a live band – Emily Asher’s Garden Party.




As someone had mentioned the night before, the better dancers all migrate to the front right of the stage. The music was somewhat faster than normal (normal being what I would normally swing to), but I’ve realised something, which I’m sure someone could’ve told me back home, but the “Rock n Roll” back in Australia is similar to East Coast Swing, and the “Swing” back in Australia is Lindy Hop more or less. They all considering “Swing” in the US as both ECS and Lindy Hop and are flexible enough to do both. There are some moves of course which don’t exist in the Lindy world from the Rock n Roll world – namely the “American Spin” which, as much as it’s named the “American” spin, 0 american’s knew what I was leading =).


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