I took the day off to visit the zoo since we were already due at the zoo in the evening for Twilight at Taronga. It seemed that you could get half price tickets after 2pm if you show your Twilight ticket so that helped! I do wish we had more time to slowly wander around, but I’m sure there’ll be another visit sometime this year.

I was advised to watch the bird show and that was one of the best 15 minute shows ever! I loved how co-ordinated all the animals were and how they knew when to exit the stage. Gorgeous animals at that. The rain really helped with the experience… We were as prepared as we could be – ponchos and boardshorts for me =). I’d have to say that the penguins were my favourite. There were quails as well… which… were absolutely adorable.








So it was raining and this giraffe was a bit thirsty…






Later that evening (we are talking about Friday), Twilight at Taronga was on. It started off with the very energetic Pierce Brothers, then the not so excitable Benny Walker, and finally the main artist – Dan Sultan. I think the older ladies were having a bit of a crush on the guy. Dark, depressing, but thoroughly entertaining. We only had to sit through the flood for the Pierce Brothers and then it kind of cleared up for the rest of the evening. A great picnic was had!








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