I found myself heading to the Royal Sydney Easter Show on Easter Saturday in the rain. Luckily for me, I had a fantastic hiking poncho which did the job really well. I was also armed with my hiking gear to keep me warm and dry! Crowds were low, which only meant easier accessibility to free things. The main highlights were Bonnie Yard Dogs, Wood Chopping, and the petting of farm yard animals. I think it was my main goal to pat some animals. I didn’t end up staying till the final hours, but instead, opted to check out Harlem in Ashfield (Polish Club), which is partly run by Sharon (who is my swing dance instructor). It was a terrific night, with well suited music that was great to dance to.

The theme for this years agriculture display was the Anzacs (100 year anniversary).





I tried to steal an egg… and then I saw a sign suggesting that I shouldn’t. This chook was wondering how I produced such a fine egg.



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