#sofarsyd – Another month and another Sofar sounds gig. I’ve been pretty privileged to have seen so many and been able to support all the bands that have been performing. This month, it was Sarah Belkner (dark and glorious), Ed Wells (blues riffs against an indie pop sound), Suiix (electronica synth) and Hollow States (indie pop). It was at a very unique Surry Hills location which is actually a commercial space that has been converted. The stars leading up to it suggest an abandoned warehouse, but its quite a lovely spot.






Apart from Sofar, there was of course the fantastic hail storm just hours before it. I don’t think I’ve actually seen one before, or for a while. It was quite enjoyable! I ended up grabbing a pot full of it for some make shift basket ball from the inside of the house. I’m pretty sure I’m still as sharp of a three point shooter as I was in high school.


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