Tech Talk

The new Beast

As I explained in the backlog, I did get myself a new computer on a budget. So the whole system cost about $1000. The reasons for most of the parts would be price. I didn’t want to spend too much, but a machine that would run quite well and quiet. […]

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Long Catch-up

OK… SO.. a whole month as gone by… without a single word from me. As lame as this excuse might be, I just haven’t had to time, and I have been trying to find the time. So the last time I blogged, was before Nick’s 21st dinner with the family. […]

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Bit of a catch up

So, I have been way too busy with work. Started off with my 10 day project. Was able to get it done after 6, and 4 days of testing. There was just too much testing. I was able to get it done, and was quite impressed with the speed at […]

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