So at Macworld, the MacBook Thin wasn't announced at keynote. Disappointed, guess I'll have to keep my eye out for another laptop for work, or maybe one of the Macs.... I want the features of the MacBook Pro but smaller than 15 inches. So they announced the iTV and iPhone, both of which seem like they will sell well. Here we have a rundown of keynote at macworld. This is where first appears, with heaps to read and watch regarding this phone. I think it'll be quite worth it. It does pave the way for the future. Since there aren't any releases and therefore no reviews, it's hard to tell what it will be like, but fromm my experience with apple, it will be smooth sailing. I also noticed, and speculating that iTunes will be shifting from just a music player into a complete desktop organiser since they mentioned the iPhone syncing emails, music, contacts and calendaring. A thumbs down that was pointed out at work for the iTV since it doesn't have features to operate as a PVR. I guess with everything it just had to miss something big, or small, however you want to think about it. So yesterday, i got home around 11 after having dinner at Doma - bohemian beer cafe. In my opinion, with a quick review, it wasn't so nice. I ordered the smoked loin of pork. Was quite salty the pork, the potato dumplings tasted more like taro sponge cakes with no flavour (dont know if taro sponge cake exists, but thats what it tasted like), the creamed spinach wasn't creamed, it was more like spinach in a blender with oil poured in, but it did have a nice consistency. To me, I dont think i'll be heading back there again. I do believe that they might focus more on the beer and alcohol, but since I went there after work and had to drive home, I steered clear of it. It was a celebration for Penny's 20th birthday which was over a week ago now. Long slow night, but relaxing as well. So funny thing today at work, someone had a laptop that had the common task bar ON THE DESKTOP. Yes, you may have seen it before, but I hadn't and it was funny. It also didn't allow you to click and drag items onto the desktop. A quick search in google lead me to a small program which added a value into the registry to fix it. I still don't know what happened. The project I've been working on... well i got more of it done today since I think I understand exactly whats going on. Just a few problems to fix now, mainly since exporting it out of FileMaker - giving me a string (varchar) and importing into our sybase db with the corresponding column being of type varchar(3). So, I dont quite know what to do, since its all written in a stored procedure, but we shall see by the end of this week. Also doesn't help since the boss is on holidays, but he does reply to me email's.... when he gets the chance. I'll leave it there for now, quite tired and need a break, possibly a longer rant tomorrow.

Written by Milton Lai

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