So past 2 days of work have been ok. There has been a number of problems with everyones computers. All not being related, but just receiving quite a few number of calls. Can't remember too much about yesterday apart from finishing slightly early, hoping someone would be free to do something with. Instead, heading to J.B. Hifi in Parramatta to have a look at head units for my car. It's been about 1 and a half years, nearly two, since I installed my JVC KD-G615 which has been operating quite well and has good sound coming from it. I do however want a head unit with crossover adjustments and possibly time alignment. I know that top of the range equipment has higher/better quality parts and has very few settings for you to change - so to listen to the original recording rather than too much treble or too much bass, to enjoy what the artist/recording company want you to hear. Nevertheless, I've went to look, but J.B. Hifi didn't carry the models I wanted to look at from Alpine. I'm looking at Alpine, Kenwood and Clarion. Problem is that if i want the crossover adjustments, they only seem prevalent in the highest models in both the CD Player range and DVD Player range, which is very costly. So, can only keep looking or hope for a bargain on eBay. Today at work, a problem I noted and should take note of is that Symantec Anti-Virus 10.1.1 does not work with Eudora on Mac's IF the settings alias is running off a shared volume - we encourage this at work because everything on the network is backed up - so your emails are always backed up. I am still unsure of why this happens, but at work, Symantec has been modified to not update past 10.1.0 which solves the problem. The project I've been working on, is moving along, slowly. I've slowed down / stopped because I'm not quite sure how to continue yet so just waiting for the boss. I'm getting quite used to using stored procedures now and have been playing with the data I exported and fixing up mistakes made within the FileMaker export and managing the information correctly - as it should be. I do believe this is a lesson for me to get my head around the database architecture of the business - possibly working on other projects. There was a mention of meta-data a couple weeks ago, which I'm still not sure of. Finishing work earlier than usual, got home, had dinner, and had a request from Penny to uninstall/install her car audio since the family is selling the old car and getting a slightly more reliable car ( Sera to a Camry ). Stupidly, I didnt check if my toolbox was in the car when I left home, so called Chris to get it from my place and bring it over. So spent an hour ripping out her head unit, amplifier and subwoofer. Spent another 30 minutes figuring out how to remove the old head unit in the Camry. Then spent the next 4 hours figuring out which wire was which (I will post an installation guide later), for the head unit and installing the head unit. It had a problem before I touched it, which was, it has a mechanical face which slides down to allow the cd to come out as well as tilt at different angles - this doesn't work anymore / didnt work before. So the head unit is in, and still have the amplifier and subwoofer to go. Oh and the rear speakers. So just need the next free day to set that all up. Finishing up we headed to Krispy Kreme for a midnight snack before heading home. Can't wait for tomorrow!!! First wedding of 2007!!! Photos will be up as soon as I can - most probably Sunday though.

Written by Milton Lai

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