Keeping myself busy

So past 2 days of work have been ok. There has been a number of problems with everyones computers. All not being related, but just receiving quite a few number of calls. Can’t remember too much about yesterday apart from finishing slightly early, hoping someone would be free to do […]

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So at Macworld, the MacBook Thin wasn’t announced at keynote. Disappointed, guess I’ll have to keep my eye out for another laptop for work, or maybe one of the Macs…. I want the features of the MacBook Pro but smaller than 15 inches. So they announced the iTV and iPhone, […]

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Yes, I have purchased my second official game – C&C Generals. It was only 15 dollars – bargain. I do realise that this game is 4 years old and that explains the 15 dollars, but its a great simple game. I’m not into RPG’s or games which require a lot […]

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